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Term Courses

2-Month Courses in Literature and Philosophy

Adapted Timings

Evening Sessions on weekdays for a full compatibility with your schedule

Online Participation

At home, in the office, out of town… Join the sessions via videoconference, wherever you are

Original Method

Gain the keys to navigate through great texts , with our specific method of textual analysis

Learning Differently

The Term Courses are the core programmes of the IST. Spanning across 8 weeks, or a little under 2 months, each course builds upon a continuous rapport to a limited and curated body of texts to develop an original and refreshing approach to an author, a theme, a genre, a director, a set of films or a contemporary question. Each Term Course brings together a small group of serious students around a passionate Instructor. The Main Sessions take place via videoconference one evening per week, forming a total duration of 12 hours of class time by the end of the term, plus one CineWords evening discussion and one Questions & Answers session. The programme is not sanctioned by an exam, but a certificate of attendance is provided. By default, the study part of the course is not intended to lead to the submission and assessment of a creative or reflective work on the part of the students, though this may be incorporated in the course structure for specific proposals.

A New Approach to Texts

The Institute for the Study of Texts follows a new methodology to explore and study texts. Each of the evening sessions of textual analysis starts with a short commentary by one of the participants, on a passage of his/her choice. This exercise is optional and invites each student to undertake directly their own interpretative take on short excerpts of great texts. For a little under an hour, the instructor takes over and reads, comments and interprets three to five excerpts from the chapters or sections of focus for that week. Through this method, the guide offers at once the keys to participants to enter and further explore the texts on their own, and a personal reading rich with originality and creative potential. Participative responses are encouraged through the session, during the exercise of textual analysis by the instructor and finally during the open discussion, which spans over the last half hour.