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The process of preparation and selection of course proposals is a key feature of IST’s innovative practices : any adult individual is invited to submit a course proposal. The Institute is looking for a unique, rigorous and creative study approach to its dedicated author, movement or question. The applicants’ educational achievements may be noted as indications, but it is the character of dedication and passion of each candidate that the course committee will appraise – whether the applicant is a renown university teacher or an undergraduate student, a labourer, a lawyer, an architect, a doctor, a business owner, a retired person… The course committee will encourage fully shaped proposals, but it also offers to help bringing good initial intuitions to the standard of the Institute.

The Instructors of IST receive a remuneration for their work and contribution, from the registration fees of the students. Each Instructor is also given free access to all the courses and programmes of the IST during the term of his/her teaching commitment.

The IST Courses can cover several categories at once. Discover the Course Categories here.

Fill the form below to start the guided process of preparation of your term course proposal. The IST will get back in touch with you for the next steps of the process.

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