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Heidegger, Being and Time

Reading programme open to all, via Skype
June-August 2019

Of pebbles, springs and fates

On Rilke‘s Letters to a Young Poet
19 May 2019


Long Courses in Textual Analysis on the best texts of Literature and Philosophy. Weekly videoconference sessions in small groups over eight weeks.


Short Courses in Textual Analysis, around excerpts from the classics of Literature and Philosophy. Two sessions by videoconference in small groups.


The IST gives me immense opportunities to interact with participants from all domains, through the curation of unique courses and peer-to-peer discussions. The diverse and multiple perspectives shared in each group have left a great impact on my understanding of Art and life.

Akshansh Singh

IST Instructor, Writer, Director


The IST offers great courses. I attended two term courses, on Hemingway and Derrida, and the Writers’ Atelier, where I shared my poetry. It is a great way to learn, discuss and exchange ideas about literature and philosophy.

Ujjwala Kaushik

Literature Student

New Delhi


Reading programmes in groups, several times a week. The sessions are free and open to all, online via audioconference.


Collaborative reviews and discussions via videoconference, once a week for a month. Each participant submits their work and shares feedbacks on others’.


For 4 years, we held 99 free and participative discussions on great works of Literature and Philosophy, in Delhi and online via videoconference. RB is now the publication platform of the Institute.