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Elegy for the Dead

Readers’ Break : Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) · Arsh KS · 11 April 2017

The figure of the re-animated cadaver has emerged as a metaphor that lends itself to a multiplicity of deployments for social commentary and critique. …

Oh So Late Camus !

Albert meets Camus · Akshansh Singh · 13 February 2017

My Dearest Albert, if only, before being born I had read you, I would have prepared myself better to survive this place which everyone around me calls ‘world’. I know the popular saying, “It’s never too late” ; but indeed it is late, monsieur. …

Empty Echoes

The Early Derrida · Samuel Buchoul · 19 January 2017

Text of the body. Body of text. Text written by my fingers, by the instruments of my body, of my materiality. Text inscribed, visible, dug on the paper or one chip, mark and reminder …

Love Stories

The Early Derrida · Samuel Buchoul · 3 January 2017

As if. As if Derrida had always aimed at a trick, a magician’s diversion from what he was actually doing. As if Derrida’s love stories, the ‘everyday’ love stories of Derrida, from his mistresses to his flirtatious ego and his secret third son, were all illusions, a craftsman’s measured and calculated play with appearances and worldliness. …