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Writers’ Atelier – Monthly Edition



Weekly collective sessions on ongoing writing works

The Writers’ Atelier marks yet another key innovation of the IST. The Ateliers form a regular and reliable platform for aspiring and experienced writers alike to share their creative works currently in-progress, and to gain rigorous feedbacks from readers. The small group makes of each participant at once an actor and an observer of creative attempts. Each submission becomes to all the participants a possible inspiration for new creative directions, while the work of editing and critical discussions on one anothers’ draft contributes actively to everyone’s engagement with wider questions of style, content and relevance.

For each edition, the IST invites all interested individuals currently working on textual drafts pertaining to the large and multiple crossing spaces of Literature and Philosophy. These may include philosophical novels or short stories, conceptual or abstract essays, experimental poetry…

As the demand grows, the IST will organise several Ateliers per term, regrouping in parrallel groups participants addressing similar genres or themes of creative explorations.

How this programme works

The Writers’ Atelier spans across 4 weeks, each month, with one session weekly via videoconference, scheduled based on the availability of the participants. The in-house Instructors of the Institute are invited to participate in this process, opening up their current works just like other participants, while sharing views on other’s efforts. These programmes function without an instructor ; the group designates, for each session and in turn, the participant whose works will be read. Across the weeks, each participant can present again the same text, reworked and enhanced, or altogether fresh pieces.

Writers from the Atelier will be invited to submit their final drafts for publication in the Journals of the Institute.

Writers’ Atelier

Duration : 4 weekly sessions of 90 minutes
Dates and Times : decided with the participants
Modality : Skype Videoconference
Genres : Literature & Philosophy
Open to : All · No pre-requisites

A new edition of the Atelier
is organised each month



15.00 $

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4 Participative Feedback Sessions
Receive critical returns on your drafts
Contribute to the creative effort of others


A new edition of the Atelier
is organised each month


First Edition : January-March 2017