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19-year-old Philosopher : Albert meets Camus



– Andre Gide : … I have wished to be happy as if there were nothing else for me to be
– Albert Camus : … these reveries were born of great lassitude.
… looking for meaning of life, of that life I did not know … listen to my madness …

19-year-old Philosopher : Albert meets Camus

Little did a 19-year-old destitute boy from Algeria know that his essay “Intuitions” would one day lead to birth of a philosopher called Albert Camus.

In this brilliant essay, Albert Camus presents a man conversing with a fool — a fool who is more exhilarating in dialogues and perhaps worthier of happiness in life. Written in ways of emotionally sparse dialogues, this essay proves to be the turning point for Camus towards the development of his philosophy in the later years. Through this Crash Course, we witness the birth of a Philosophy.

We will dissect the nerve-wrecking ideas of Deliriums, Uncertainty, The Will to Lie, Desire, and the Back Again to Myself : notions common to a man, and notions commonly disturbing the Artist. Let’s understand Camus’s take on the follies of life in this remarkable essay, written when he was mere 20 years of age.

The life on fringes lead by artists, and what creates a genius – this Crash Course covers the vast world of the early Camus, and will help us understand the follies of life, and how what we perceive makes us who we are.

How this course works

The participants can initiate their entry into the text on their own, prior to the Crash Course, but the programme will start with the basics, with a presentation of the historical and philosophical background of Camus, before undertaking a close reading of the entire text in the sessions. This course, like all programmes at IST, is designed in view of dynamic exchanges between the instructor and the participants ; therefore interjections, questions, comments and alternative interpretations are invited and encouraged throughout the session, while an interactive time is kept specifically at the end of each study session.

Crash Course

Duration : 2 sessions of 180 minutes
Dates and Times : decided with the participants
Instructor : Akshansh Singh
Modality : Skype Videoconference
Open to : All · No pre-requisites

At IST, a new edition of each course is organised upon 3 confirmed participants




Youthful Writings (1977)


Session 1

Camus’ childhood and its influence on his confinement into art and philosophy.

Textual Analyses and Discussion on :

i. Deliriums
ii. Uncertainity
iii. Will to Lie

Session 2

Textual Analyses and Discussion on :

iv. Desire
v. Back Again to Myself

Connecting the dots to ’embracing the absurd’.


Akshansh Singh

Akshansh Singh


Experience with the Text of this Course : 3 years +

Always, for the artist in the making, an idol becomes a mentor. He learns from him like he learns from his father. He cries with his Art like he cries on his mother’s lap. But before the artist was the artist he too was a mere child. Albert Camus, and his growth as an artist of repute, provides much inspiration to explore life in manners both humble and nerve-wrecking. The Young Albert offers a lot of hopes, for parallels to be drawn later with the Artist Camus.

Akshansh Singh is an Indian writer currently based in Dubai.
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2 Interactive sessions of Textual Analysis
6 Hours of collective study
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A new edition of this course will be organised
upon 3 confirmed registrations